Rick Anderson

Vice Chairman, President & COO of Trinity-Templar Holdings

Rick is Vice Chairman, President & COO of Trinity-Templar Holdings and is responsible for corporate strategy and leading the firm’s information technology advisory services.

Rick has been involved in the computer technology industry for over 30 years. His expertise includes developing internet-based software, software systems for industrial automation, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, and E-commerce platforms in both consumer and B2B environments.  He has also been involved in the development and operations of large-scale ad serving platforms and has been instrumental in developing technology to provide contextual and consumer behavior targeting.  Rick has extensive experience on both the acquisition and disposition sides of transactions in the IT space, including in the post-acquisition consolidation and integration of technology platforms, networks and data centers.

Prior to Trinity-Templar, Rick served as Chief Information Officer of Inuvo, Inc., a publicly traded technology company.  Previously, he owned and built two technology-related companies: ASI, Inc. (hardware and software systems for industrial companies) and Ozona Online Network, Inc. (internet service provider/application service provider).  He sold both companies in strategic acquisitions to larger competitors.

Rick has a BS in computer programming and systems analysis from St. Petersburg College.

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