Funding Solutions

Financing your company’s next move

Trinity-Templar® assists companies in reviewing their business objectives and financial situations in order to recommend the most beneficial funding options over both the short and long term.  We devise solutions that are optimized for your company’s particular situation, with a focus on post-transaction cash-flow-generating capacity and the strength of your company’s asset base.

A merger or acquisition may help your company obtain technology, products, services, intellectual property, production capacity, or expanded geographical reach more quickly and efficiently than your company’s ability to do so organically.  A turnaround plan for a struggling operation can help stabilize results and convert negative cash flows into positive ones.

These types of transactions often require funding and the structuring and sourcing of this funding are often as critical to the overall success of a deal as the purchase, merger, or turnaround decision itself.  Trinity-Templar approaches funding from a comprehensive solutions perspective. We work with your management team to determine viable funding options for mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, debt restructurings, and business growth initiatives.

  • analyzes the objectives of your intended transaction or growth initiative
  • evaluates the most appropriate form(s) of funding for your particular situation
  • sources providers of capital from our established list of third-party funding entities
  • guides you through each step of the process

Financing Options

There are many alternatives to both the types and the sources of financing that are available in the market today.  In fact, the most advantageous solution for your company’s situation may be a combination of multiple financing methods and/or sources.  Some examples of these include:

Funding Types
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Stock swap
  • Seller financing
  • Bank loan
Funding Sources
  • Commercial banks
  • Asset-based lenders
  • Business development companies
  • Institutional investors
  • Direct lending funds
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