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As your business grows, your company’s demand for more comprehensive and more integrated information technology (IT) solutions increases.  Improvements made to your company’s technology will enhance your company’s capabilities and improve the bottom line. Trinity-Templar® IT Advisory services provide a referral process for procurement of IT services from 3rd party vendors, as well as comprehensive business process transformation services.

IT Procurement

Investment in technology is often necessary to support the growth of your company.  However, the procurement process for new IT services can temporarily drain your in-house IT resources or suspend near-term improvement and enhancement projects being undertaken by your IT team. Trinity-Templar® can assist your company with a time-saving procurement process that leverages our IT vendor relationships.  We take on the time-consuming administrative aspects of vendor searches, product assessment, selection, and deployment.

Trinity-Templar® works with you to assess your current IT platform and business objectives.  We then source and recommend IT service providers that are best suited for your company’s needs.  We provide advisory services for both business-as-usual and mission-critical IT procurement projects.

Trinity-Templar® assists your company at every step of the IT procurement process.
  • Current needs assessment
  • Future IT staffing due to procurement
  • Sponsor impact (business line and/or staff function)
  • Creation & management of RFQ, RFP, RFI
  • Vendor selection process
  • Review and recommendations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Terms and conditions for services
Trinity-Templar advises companies on the optimal scale and direction of IT resources.

IT Consulting

Trinity-Templar® helps companies achieve growth by listening to business issues and objectives and taking a comprehensive approach to how IT may play a role.  We focus on increasing the value of a business through improvements in current operations and in preparations for future business endeavors.  We accomplish this by providing end-to-end solutions to:

  • Address your company’s most challenging issues and 
  • Capture your company’s most compelling opportunities
IT Consulting

Trinity-Templar® engages directly with business owners, C-suite executives and IT teams of small and middlemarket companies to advise and deliver on solutions to strategic initiatives.

Most IT consultants seek to solvyour IT challenges.  Trinity-Templar® solves your business challenges through the use of IT.  The difference is in the approach that we take to problem-solving.  We follow a five-step process in each IT advisory engagement:

  • Design Thinking – gather input and conceptualize problems
  • Solutioning – introduce architecture, technology and execution planning
  • Rapid Prototype and Design – illustrate the proposed solution
  • Working Model – create a limited-function representation of the solution
  • Delivery – scale the working model to the full solution
Information technology is an ever-evolving field. Trinity-Templar® helps companies navigate the path to business improvement by harnessing the most relevant IT tools and resources With a primary consideration of your company’s strategy and objectives, we create a tailored digital strategy that reveals the optimal technologies for your business.  Trinity-Templar® adds value to your growth initiatives through IT consulting services that include the following areas of specialization:
Artificial Intelligence refers to a range of technologies from machine learning to natural language processing whereby machines can sense, understand, take action and learn. AI can transform the relationship between your staff and technology, as well as how you provide products and services to your customers.
Cyber Resiliency
Cyber resiliency seeks to prepare a company to operate and grow while under persistent outside threats and sophisticated attacks.  It secures the digital connections of your business by combining the disciplines of cybersecurity, business disruption defense and business continuity.
IT Expansion

IT expansion seeks to harness new technologies and increase the rate of a company’s innovation and transformation in order to more quickly 1) respond to change, 2) exploit new opportunities, and 3) reduce costs.  Procuring updated technologies and successful deployment of IT resources are critical to enabling this innovation.


Cloud technology has become a pivotal platform for innovation and operational excellence. Cloud platforms enable organizations to deploy on-demand computing capabilities via virtual hardware, software and services.  Adoption of cloud technologies will continue at an accelerating rate, as companies that do so experience increased agility.

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