Turnaround Management

Tactical action with a strategic view

Trinity-Templar® helps companies that are facing significant financial and/or operational challenges caused by any number of events or gradual trends. We guide companies in defining and implementing a recovery plan. We assist in:

  1. Stabilizing your company’s particular situation
  2. Developing an actionable business plan
  3. Implementing efforts that deliver significant improvements to your company’s results

In all these efforts, Trinity-Templar® can lead the entire process or provide support to you and your management team.

Forces that can cause a company to struggle
  • Competitive market pressures
  • New entrant disruptors
  • Key management loss or workforce issues
  • Operating performance deterioration
  • Customer/client attrition
  • Financial inefficiencies or excessive leverage

To help stabilize a company’s position, Trinity-Templar® expeditiously assesses three key areas: staffing issues, accounting matters, and cash availability and usage. With a diagnosis of the root causes of your company’s underperformance, we recommend, plan and implement improvements to each of these areas.

From stabilization to growth or exit

Trinity-Templar® engages with your management team to assess the merits of your existing business plan. For companies without a formal business plan, we can develop one for you. We place primary emphasis on the operations and marketing aspects of your company to identify key levers of improvement and sources of meaningful growth.  Our implementation process includes working directly with your management team and stakeholders to design and execute a robust turnaround plan.

For companies with inefficient or debilitating financial situations, Trinity-Templar® advises on restructuring balance sheets as well as formulating plans to position a company for sale.

Will Rogers once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”
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